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The Tower of Pisa

Now a symbol of the city the Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous monuments in Italy because of its slant, a peculiar trait of the structure which is still open to the public today.
As our guests, you will be comfortably lodged in a Pisa hotel near the Piazza dei Miracoli, which is where this famous monument is found.
The Tower of Pisa
, or rather the bell tower of the nearby Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, was built between the twelfth and fifteenth century: it took a long time, due to subsidence of the ground below the work, which is the cause of the current slant of 5° compared to the tower's vertical axis.
It is located in Pisa's famous Piazza dei Miracoli (Piazza of Miracles), listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its beauty.

Entirely covered in white marble, the tower has a cylindrical structure 58.36 m tall, composed of several floors of elegant arcades built of columns and arches.
Three of these floors were not added until later, in order to try and control the slant of the Tower of Pisa, increasing dangerously at the time.

There are 293 steps inside leading up to the sixth arcade, from which opens the access route to the belfry, as you walk along it you can see beautiful decorations depicting ships and animals.
In the belfry are the Tower's seven bells: Crocifisso, Vespuccio, Assunta, Terza, Pasquereccia, San Ranieri and Dal Pozzo, which still sound today during mass at the cathedral, thanks to a system of electric clappers.